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Data centers are expensive operations made more expensive by manufacturer policies aimed at controlling repair, and through repair, the product lifecycle. If the repair price is too high - the product has to be replaced.

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Our cell phones, tablets and refrigerators are essential to modern life. If these things break - we need to fix them and fast. Repair is more important now than ever before, yet manufacturers are blocking your rights to repair your purchases so they can sell you replacements instead.

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Medicine is a high-tech business - from the EMT with a defibrillator to a surgical robot. Repair of all things tech is a major cost for health-care providers. Repair monopolies created by equipment manufacturers are driving health care costs up and patient care down.

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Digital Right to Repair is based on the concept that owners of equipment, including equipment with digital parts, should be entitled to repair their purchases without any limitations imposed by the original manufacturer. After all – you bought it, you own it, and it doesn’t belong to the manufacturer any longer.

This obvious right of ownership is under assault by manufacturers seeking to improve their profits by limiting, or blocking, repair so that they alone can set prices of repair and use that pricing to drive new purchases instead of repair. The objective of the DRTR Coalition is to drive legislation to make sure that everyone buying technology-driven equipment is clear about their ownership rights before they make a purchase, and that the manufacturer cannot create new requirements after the purchase is made.

Simple. Clear. Fair.

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