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End the monopoly on repair.

When manufacturers own the only repair shop around, prices go up and quality goes down. Competition protects customers, and consumers are demanding a change.


86% of Voters

in Massachusetts overrode big car companies and passed the Automobile Owners’ Right to Repair Law in 2012.

114,322 Americans

signed a petition to legalize cell phone unlocking. The White House and Congress responded by changing the law.

600,000 People

have joined open source repair groups like iFixit to learn how to fix their stuff—because manufacturers won't help.

Big manufacturers are putting small repair shops out of business. It's bad for business, it's bad for consumers, and it's bad for our country.

Medical device companies

Every year, it's harder and harder for hospitals and clinics to get the manuals and parts that they need to keep life-saving equipment operational.

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Electronics Manufacturers

Companies like Apple, Toshiba, and Nikon refuse to sell service parts and are actively working to shut down independent repair businesses.

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Agricultural Conglomerates

As more and more electronics are added to agricultural equipment, farmers are being forced  into expensive repair contracts.

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Cloud and datacenter

The big iron server companies are forcing customers into exorbitant service contracts just to get security patches.

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When you can’t take something apart, you can’t understand it. When it breaks, you can’t fix it. When you want to do something more, you can’t modify it.
— Tim O'Reilly


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